Taizhou Hankai Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a China PET JARS & LOTION BOTTLES Manufacturers specializing in Custom PET JARS & LOTION BOTTLES , the factory was established in 1983, with many years of accumulation, we have a wide range of products, and customers have a variety of choices for products. Products include PET JARS & LOTION BOTTLES , sanitizer bottles, plastic pumps and plastic accessories, etc. As a professional PET JARS & LOTION BOTTLES factory, the company has a production line integrating injection molding, blow molding, printing and bronzing, and has an independent quality control department, international marketing team and product R&D team, which can make new molds according to your requirements. The company participates in various international exhibitions every year and visits customers in person. If you have any questions and requests, you can contact us.